Our History

Passion and beauty
for generations


The history of the Nasrollahi Moghaddam family has been rooted in diamonds for three generations, a past that has crossed the borders of Persia - the family country of origin - to Italy in the Sixties. The heritage that Amin has handed down to his sons Bobak and Kami, is not only in seeing the importance in the natural beauty of diamonds, but also in appreciating their craftsmanship and their symbolic value as a piece of art. Now in present day they continue to share their vision through their work on an international scale.

With passion and great attention to detail, the brothers are driven by a constant commitment to improve the selection and cutting of diamonds, in order to offer each of their customers a sentiment of their bright and beautiful art collection of jewellery. A heritage that comes from afar and is destined to continue with future generations.

Amin Luxury is present in the international market with three offices in Florence, Milan and New York as well as being distributed in Spain, France, England, and throughout Eastern Europe. It is a family company that not only focuses on the important in the marketing of cut diamonds, but it also holds the know how in goldsmith, jewellery production and diamond investment, becoming a protagonist in the diamond stock exchanges on a international basis.

Amin Luxury is in partnership with the The Niru Group, a world leader in cutting diamonds using the most advanced diamond cutting equipment. The Niru Group are also Sightholder of The De Beers Group of Companies and in partnership with Amin Luxury they ensure only the highest quality of diamonds are used for the Leonardo Da Vinci Cut.



Diamonds are forever associated with perfection and ultimate luxury, symbolising one of the most precious gifts to receive. The diamond represents a fusion between beauty and sophistication in a timelessly perfect jewel. Born hundreds of metres below the earths’ surface they portray a marvellous metaphor to symbolise our deepest feelings.

An archetype of a geometric kaleidoscopic and at the same time an embodiment of femininity, dancing with the light the diamond is able to create an energy of attraction: from its perfect form to its strong symbolism of emotions.

Amin Luxury pursuing excellence elevates the diamond to the ultimate level of emotional expression, complimenting the jewels beauty with elegant packaging created for each diamond signed Amin Luxury.