The first diamond
with your
video message inside


As safe haven for your memories

Life is made up of memories, emotions and unique experiences. With HRD Antwerp Memory you can lock your favourite memories in the most precious jewel.

Your diamond can protect your memories, making them visual for play back whenever you desire to be reminded.

Give light to your memories with the
HRD Antwerp Memory diamond

A dedicated App
to your diamond

An APP dedicated to your diamond, storing a video of your most precious memories and keeping it with you forever. This app allows you to scan your HRD diamond, its unique QR code and immediately see your video and the certification of your stone.

Download the HRD Memory App

Images, words, music, guarded by an unbreakable treasury. The most sentimental gift, an ever lasting expression for your emotions. Choose your message and gift a diamond that will speak for you

HRD Visual display

A series of tools chosen and finely finished to highlight in detail each aspect to this unique diamond product. The HRD Memory Visual display is designed to exhibit the exclusive Holographic Box in which the video memory is transmitted directly from your diamond. An innovative and exclusive way to gift jewellery.

The complete visual display to
communicate your unique diamond

HRD Blister Pack

Sophisticated packaging designed to furnish both the HRD Antwerp Memory diamond in a blister or ring. Storing the HRD certificate and Guarantee card within.

An original gift
that speaks for you

HRD Video
Memory Box

An exclusive box designed to amaze all eyes. On opening the box, your video radiates up from the diamond giving light to your memories, and a visual to your diamond’s message. In addition to homing a display of your video, all supporting material to view your diamond codes; a visual scope, the certificate and guarantee with the QR Code are within.

A video memory of special
moments that make you smile

HRD Blister pad

A finely designed pad, to exhibit 9 of your HRD Antwerp memory blisters.

The elegance of practicality