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Amin Luxury flagship store is a new business tool designed to offer a profitable and rewarding experience for you and your customers. Taking advantage of the VIP Luxury Club program you can enjoy a warehouse management system and access new orders effortlessly through the Amin Luxury High Tech platform. You can also face the daily challenges of the market with tranquility and ease, have the support team a telephone call away, and get top quality products with the professionalism and benefit of a prestigious international brand. The assistance of qualified professionals will be at hand to dress and redesign your entire store whilst transforming it with the high quality of Amin Luxury style.

Our affiliates will also benefit from all the know-how and experience of the Amin Luxury international team, through advertising campaigns, communication tools, product updates and various annual collections.

As the new generation demands more and requires multiple targets to be satisfied, access to the latest forms of communication, marketing tools is essential, and Amin Luxury offers this whilst creating a space that will appeal to a greater number of users. Consequently every Amin Luxury flagship store has its own exhibition layout which contextualises the territory, personalising the layout based on the catchment area and using the available space to its maximum potential.

The key to our flagship concept is in efficiently communicating to your public, alluring to their needs and securing them with trust in offering top quality merchandise and a variety of product lines to satisfy their jewellery desires.

Our formula is both simple and effective. The essence is in developing a lay out with modular images, coordinated in style and dedicated to communicating the value of prestigious desirable certified diamonds and high end jewellery.

Amin Luxury is pleased to offer its customers the possibility of having exclusive products from Amin Luxury, through an extremely lean, fast and effective franchise formula.

This is possible due to the wide variety of products that Amin Luxury offers, enabling it to cover the entire range of diamond requests in the jewellery sector: from loose gems to fine jewellery.

Amin Luxury has specifically designed three membership profiles that highlight the benefits on offer for each customer profile. Creating for you the best platform to develop your business.


A small jewellery collection in your store with display columns specially designed by Amin Luxury.


A medium size collection in your store, with an area entirely dedicated to Amin Luxury and furnishing designed by our professionals.


The complete diamond collection at your disposal with your entire sales space fully furnished and equipped with Amin Luxury products. This option includes numerous benefits.

A product bought in a themed environment has a different emotional impact compared to the same purchase made in a traditional store. Choose to be part of a large international group and make a difference in your sales.

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