Flower Collection
Making it easy to be chic


A perfect sign, an elegant design, a unique and unforgettable jewel.


A diamond wrapped
in meandering gold

Inspired by the natural flower, the jewellery for the Flower collection gives a new look to feminine beauty. Budding diamonds to help express your inner nature.

A spring of light and natural splendour framing your fingers.


The light of a flower

A diamond in the bud of precious gold, enhanced in its shape and complimenting its light. A piece of jewellery gifting natural elements and setting it in elegance for every woman.

Naturally minimal
with a chic design

The Flower collection intricately radiates a diamond’s natural brilliance from its unique clasp. Dressing you simply and elegantly in everyday life, brightening any day and adding extra sprinkles of light.

Dedicated to those who wear their dreams